Milam & Greene: Badass Whiskey Women

Milam & Greene was founded by Marsha Milam, a whiskey expert in her own right, along with Master Blender Heather Greene and veteran Kentucky Master Distiller Marlene Holmes. These women have between them a combination of skillsets that have shaken the world of American Whiskey with their combination of distilling, aging, and blending in a collaboration-forward business model. They distill in copper pot stills in Texas Hill Country, and in column stills in Bardstown, Kentucky. Their partners in Kentucky and Tennessee are a key - but not the defining - component of their blended whiskies.

Since we brought them into the shop, you guys have really shown me that you like their whiskey, too. I simply don't have enough good things to say, so I am going to stop typing and invite you to join us on Saturday, February 25th from 3-6 PM to taste through their lineup: