The Team

  Hiram is the Owner of Wardman Wines. He is a native of Washington and a recovering attorney. After fleeing the practice of law, he thought it was time to turn his long-time hobby into a job. He believes that every bottle of wine, good or bad, is an education and that the only bad bottle of wine is the one you do not enjoy drinking. He loves talking about wine with anyone who will listen and getting people excited to try something new and different.
  Our GM, Eric is also our resident Certified Cicerone® and Spirits Guru. A misplaced Midwesterner with a penchant for growing facial hair and making incendiary statements in polite company, he quickly found DC to be an intoxicatingly complex and diverse city when he moved here and went native more than 15 years ago. He believes that no matter how complex, esoteric, or everyday, quality libation is self-defined and should be accessible to anyone willing to stop, pay attention to their senses, and use their words.
  Julia is a wine, food, and travel writer. She spent over twenty years working in the legal field before switching careers to become a full-time writer and consultant. She is currently studying wine education with the Wine Spirits & Education Trust. She has been featured in The Washington Post, Glamour, Essence, and Texas Monthly and has worked with the Four Seasons Company, American Airlines, Celebrity Cruises, Marriott, and various Tourism Visitor Bureaus.
Cicerone-in-training, Mark is our new school beer nerd. He has a fascination with hop profiles and has an encyclopedic knowledge of American hops, making him the guy to go to for all your "hazebro" needs. While he does love his fruited sours, hazy bois, and pastry stouts, he also loves learning about old world styles, oogles over a well made lager, and goes absolutely nuts for barrel aged sours finished with brettanomyces. Aside from his passion for beer, he is an accomplished video game player, a former opera singer, and the best cat dad ever.
Mark Parrish