Employment at Wardman Wines

Looking for a new (or side) gig? Feel you are ready to tackle the highly glamorous world of retail and dip your toes into the endless world of wine, beer, and spirits? We may not always be actively hiring, but are always happy to accept an application.

In general, one must be responsible, respectful, honest, flexible, have a sense of humor, and willing to meet people (customers and coworkers alike) where they are. Wardman Wines people are those comfortable with a wide range of tasks on a flexible basis: chatting with and helping customers find their next favorite bottle; lifting cases, tidying and stocking shelves, organizing back stock, and building displays - maintaining the baselines of our operation. We thrive on creativity, dependability, diversity in both body and spirit, and perhaps most importantly, education for ourselves and our customers.

If you are interested in working with us at Wardman Wines, can routinely lift up to 55lbs, please send an email to both info@wardmanwines.com AND eric.kintner@wardmanwines.com with a copy of your Resume/CV/Work History along with brief responses (up to 500 words) to the following three questions:

1) What are two or three things that you like to drink, and why?

2) If you were a bottle on the shelf in this store, what bottle would you be, and why?

3) Do you walk to school, or carry your lunch?