Women Winemakers

Women have played an integral part of evolving history of winemaking. Madame Clicquot took over her husband's Champagne house upon his untimely death. Her passion and risk-taking brought Champagne onto the international stage. Lalou Leroy defied conventional wisdom in refusing to use pesticides and chemicals. She stood her ground in 1993 despite mildew ravaging her vineyards, but she became the most lauded winemaker in the region. From Helen Turley to Cathy Corison, there are incredible stories of women who brought vision, confronted the standards, and rose to become pivotal leaders in winemaking. We are delighted to offer some of the wines from many of the women who are bringing new vision and helping modern winemaking evolve.

Filipa Pato branched off from her father's winery to explore her own work on sustainable winemaking. Luis Pato had already created a name for himself, and she had her own ideas. Her philosophy is 'authentic wines without makeup', and her efforts have shown a bright light on the region of Bairrada, Portugal. Her work includes finding ways to reduce the need for any additives, including making a sunscreen out of aloe for her grapes. She focuses on the native grapes of Baga and Bical. Pure flavors and wonderful balance.

Ksenija House started her own winery to focus on only white wines from Oregon, Her goal is to make wines that express time and place. She does the work to replicate old winemaking methods, including a method that involves rotating blended wine through barrels and concrete eggs. The Big Salt, ,a blend of Muscat, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling, carry hints of the ocean more than any individual grape, and it has become a customer favorite. 

We are avid fans of Elisabetta Foradori. She has single-handedly raised the profile of her region's native grape, Teroldego, as well as change perceptions of Alpine wine. She's a leader in winemaking, inspired a generation to adopt the ancient Italian clay jar for aging wine, and continues to make ethereal, yet energetic, wines. 

And there is more...Lisa Hinton of Old Westminster Winery, Cathy Corison of Corison Winery, and Francoise Feuillat-Juillot of Feuillat-Juillot are just a few of the amazing women who have charted their own paths.