Wines of Spain

Spain has a long winemaking tradition dating back several thousand years, but the story of modern Spanish winemaking begins with the end of the fascist regime in the late 1970s. Increased economic freedom and investment from the European Union gave a boost to those regions of Spain not named Rioja or Jerez, and the result has been a gift to wine drinkers everywhere, in the form of a profusion of excellent and interesting wines that may also be some of the best value wines in Europe.

In the shuffle prior to reopening, Spain acquired a little more shelf space, and we've been populating it with some new wines that we're really excited about. So this Friday, July 23 we'll be featuring a few of those finds as well as a handful of more familiar wines that we haven't had a chance to talk about in a minute.

Join us this Friday on Instagram Live at 4pm to learn more!