Why's the Rum Always Gone?!?

Eric has just returned from his long-awaited pirate vacation in the Caribbean, and is justifiably in the mood to talk about rum! In general, rum is a spirit made from sugarcane and enjoyed in the climes surrounding the equator all the way around the globe. The Caribbean in specific, however, has a long, deep, and tightly intertwined socio-political relationship with rum. That relationship is every bit as fraught as the many naval battles that occurred between the various European naval and merchant vessels and the Privateers (often on the payroll of said Europeans) who have become the Pirate Lords of Legend, so to speak.

Pirates (and our recent cultural obsession with them) are only an ancillary part of the story behind rum. The various quirks of European and colonial law often determine the difference in production methods and styles produced on the many islands between the continents of the Western Hemisphere.

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