The Tasting Bar is Back!

We are beyond excited to be able to announce that we are finally reopening the tasting bar after a two-year hiatus! For the time being, we're going to limit ourselves to no more than one tasting a week, and we're still not quite ready to have open bottles to taste at all times. But even with these limitations, we're thrilled to be able to taste with you again!

To kick things off, we are delighted to welcome Ian Kraft from Free Run Wine Merchants back to the bar. Free Run is an "importer and distributor specializing in authentic, responsibly-grown and artisan-crafted wines" and "dedicated to supporting the historical, independent, and family artisans." We've worked with Ian and Free Run for a long time, and we're always happy to have him at the bar.

Ian will be showcasing a few of the wines in his portfolio on Saturday, April 2 from 1pm to 4pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Please note, for the health and safety of our customers, our staff, and their families, we do still require masks be worn inside the store, except when tasting at the bar, and we do ask that customers provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before tasting. Thank you for your cooperation.