A Detour from Pinot Noir

Pinot NoirPinot Noir is one of the most popular grapes for wine drinkers. Its thin skins and the cool climates it favors offer a silky texture, lighter weight, and a complex range of aromas. The range can from bright red fruits - cherries, strawberries, and raspberries -to mushrooms, earth, and spice. We love these wines, but this week, we explore grapes that share some of our favorite characteristics of Pinot Noir. Gamay Noir is gaining recognition in California and Oregon. Blaufränkisch gives an aromatic, lighter red but with a bit more structure. Mencia, grown only in the northwestern corner of Spain and in parts of Portugal, can add peppery, spicy aromas.

Join us on Friday, March 19th at 4pm on IG Live as we share some of the wines you may love if you love Pinot Noir.