Spring Staff Picks

This Wednesday, to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, the theme is Spring Staff Picks! At Wardman, we work hard to curate a wide selection of wines to appeal to a broad range of palates, and we really enjoy to explore the enormous variety the world of wine has to offer. However we all have those bottles that we go back to when it's just for us. This week, the staff at Wardman are sharing their favorites for the spring. These are wines for smiling sunny days, lengthening evenings, and the first picnics of the season. Join us Wednesday, March 20 from 4pm-7pm to taste these wines:

  • Eric chose the Domaine Francois Villard Les Contours de Deponcins Viognier, because honestly it is one of his favorite French whites in the shop. "Declassified" is somewhat of a magic word in the wine world, referring to harvests that are not quite optimal for top line wines. The upshot of this is that wines throughout the rest of the portfolio get a huge bump in quality. The Viognier in this bottle only makes it into this bottle if it isn't bottled as Condrieu, the top designation for Viognier.

  • Jaz's pick is the Bedrock Sauvignon Blanc. As our newest staff member, Jaz has had the least chance to taste through our inventory, and so is choosing something to taste for the first time by instinct. "I want something bright and crisp that reminds me of how nice it is to be outside on a pretty Spring day. Fruity and grassy, but most of all fresh and sunny."

  • Mark's choice is the Camilucci Franciacorta Brut. "Lombardy, the land of high fashion, art, and sparkling wine! This Champagne Method sparkling wine is predominantly Chardonnay blended with a good bit of Pinot Noir and a touch of Pinot Blanc. This wine is round and lush with notes of stone fruit and white florals on the palate with a nice balancing acidity. Heading into the warmer months, this sparkling is an amazing wine to have around for grilled meats and pool days!"

  • Larry selected the Day Zinfandel, because despite his vaunted cred as an Italophile, he also has a penchant for big, bold wines from California. It is also made by Ehren Jordan, former winemaker for Larry Turley. While the Day Zinfandel may not quite fit that category either, it is an incredibly well-put-together wine with balance, finesse, complexity, and layers. Plenty to think and talk about in a relatively restrained palate weight for a California Zinfandel.

  • Hiram chose the Casa do Joa Alto do Joa Tinto Transmontano. "This Portuguese field blend is made from fruit from 150-200 year-old vines! The high altitude of the vineyard protects them from phylloxera, and with that much age, the yields are tiny. The resulting wine is brilliant. Intense, without being heavy; complex, but still fresh. An amazing, unique wine that nonetheless remains approachable and fun."

  • Lyndon's choice is the Marigny Super Deluxe Pinot Noir: “A Beaujolais inspired Burgundian red made in Oregon?!? If you are intrigued, that's a good thing! This is an Oregon Pinot Noir that defies definition. Inspired by Beaujolais, crafted in Oregon with Burgundian finesse. It’s a testament to a new generation of skilled winemakers, focused and creating elegant wines without the pretense. I can confidently say is the first entry on my top wines for 2024.”"

Tickets for our Wednesday tastings are $15, and the wines are 10% off during the tasting.