San Salvatore Vetere Rosé

This year to kick off Rosé season, we have decided to reach out for a classic way to get everybody excited for pink wine season. We are gonna do a good, old fashioned raffle!

With our order of this delicious Rosé of Aglianico from one of Eric's personal favorite producers in Campania, Italy, we also received a 3 Liter Jeroboam of the 2020 vintage as a prize. The terms are simple: For every 750ml bottle of the 2022 San Salvatore Vetere Rosé that you buy, you can fill out a raffle ticket and put it in the empty Jeroboam bottle that we also have on the counter.  The raffle runs through the end of June, at which point we will randomly select a ticket to win the Grand Prize 3 Liter Jeroboam of 2020 Vetere Rosé.

Here is the real kicker, though: If we happen to sell enough of this Rosé in the process, we may also have access to a 5 Liter Methusalem that we will also get to give away. In this case, the Grand(er?) Prize will go to the customer who purchases the most 750ml bottles over the course of the contest.

Like the thought of a Gigantic bottle of Rosé for a July 4th party? Or maybe a Harvest Season Feast? The answer is simple, my friends! The more bottles you buy, the more chances you have to win. We may not often resort to the most crass forms of capitalism here at Wardman Wines. But in those singular instances when they are this much fun, we just can't help ourselves!