Once & Future Wine

Undeniably one of the greats in California, legendary winemaker Joel Peterson put Zinfandel on the map of the American palate with Ravenswood Winery. (To be clear, we are talking about Proper Zin here, not the pink stuff.) For many of us in the 1990's and early 2000's, his wines helped us figure out our sense of taste and sent us on our way to a lifelong adventure in imbibery. Indeed, his pride is evident in both the wines "that hopefully sing of place - Old Hill Ranch, Dickerson, Belloni, Barricia, Teldeschi" as well as the "more economical wines that hopefully helped turn a couple of generations of people onto the joy and deliciousness of well-wrought wine."

One & Future Wine is Peterson's most recent venture, and is his way of returning to the original vision of what he then hoped Ravenswood would one day become, "a project that specializes in wines from special vineyards made with a sensitivity to place and in a style that I personally love and believe in."

Mr. Peterson, Thank you for your dedication and the loving application of your immeasurable talent!