June is for Gin!

Oh, yes my friends, it is officially Gin Month here at Wardman Wines! I know that there is probably an official Gin Month, and I know there is a National Gin Week. I also know that I could easily find out if/when they are with a simple LMGTFY. But that sounds hard, and I would rather just with the talking and writing about - and especially the drinking of - GIN!

Obviously, it is all about the juniper with this spirit, for it would not exist without. (It's also all about The Schism, European politics and empire - particularly the Dutch and British - the Industrial Revolution, and the thousand myriad ways in which all of these things inform and are formed by cultural trends over the span of 400 years. But that is all for a different thesis...)

That be as it may, however, Gin has experienced a near reinvention of itself globally in the last 15-20 years. Ordering a martini, while always with its own set of particularities, has never been so complicated - or so rewarding! Likewise, the range and versatility of many newer gin styles and cocktails has reinvigorated and diversified classic cocktails in countless ways.

This collection represents some highlights from our gin section, but as one of our favorite spirits, we have many more to choose from. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call the shop!

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