It's Rosé Season!

Although it hasn't felt like it for the past few days, we are on the threshold of rosé season. Now, to be fair, we believe rosé is an all-season wine, but we recognize that it's definitely more popular during the spring and summer months. And it's just about this time of year where bottles from the newest vintage start showing up on the shelves.

And so it goes in 2022. The first trickle of 2021 rosés is coming into the shop this week, and to kick off the season, we'll be featuring those wines (plus a couple of 2020 stalwarts) on Instagram this week. So far, our impression of the 2021 vintage (in France, at least) is that it's excellent, and markedly better than the previous vintage, so we're looking forward to sharing these wines with you.

Join us this Friday, April 1, 2022 at 4pm on Instagram Live to learn more!