Hermanuspietersfontein and Arendsig Single Vineyard Wines

An exciting project in the evolution of any wine region is the exploration of the micro-climates and specific soils that can produce wildly different characteristics in a small variation of environment. Winemaker Lourens van der Westhuizen began working with a parcel of virgin soil on his family's farm that now produce the terroir-driven wines bearing the Arendsig name. Prior to that, however, experience travelling and making wine in California, Burgundy, and Champagne honed his skill and passion for making wine from the grapes his family has been growing for 5 generations.

Colyn Truter, co-owner/winemaker from Arendsig will be joining us on Friday, August 19th to pour and discuss two of their wines, as well as two wines from partner winery Hermanuspietersfontein. Founded in 1855, HPF is a conservation-conscious farm, and limits yields and minimizes handling and needless intervention in the winemaking process to preserve quality and honesty in the wine itself.