Exploring Iberia - 11/08/2023

It would take much more time and many more wines to give a full survey of all of the disparate wine traditions on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain and Portugal, despite having many similarities of climate and terroir, have, through the action of history, developed wildly different wine traditions. And that's not even getting to the diversity to be found within each country. However, it would be a shame to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. There's so much to enjoy in the wines of this region of the world that we thought it best to open a few of the better ones to share with you!

Join us this Wednesday, November 8 from 4pm to 7pm as we explore some wonderful Iberian wines from a variety of regions and wide range of styles!

Tickets for our regular Wednesday tastings are $15, and the wines in the lineup are all 10% off during the tasting.