Elena Walch

We are excited to chat with Karoline Walch, a fifth generation winemaker at her family's breathtaking estate in Alto Adige, Italy. Watch our interview with her in IG Live.

Elena Walch, an architect by trade, married into a winemaking family with a 200-year old farm in northern Italy. Over the years she sought to make world class wines from sustainable farming in a region known more for quantity than quality.

Alto Adige is part of the Alps. Vineyards appear to climb the steep slopes, and the cool climate offer a pristine sense of fresh, pure fruit. Indigenous grapes that thrive here may be little known outside of the region, but they offer wonderful wines worth seeking out. Lagrein, a relative of Syrah and Pinot Noir, offers deep, spicy aromas with velvety tannins. Gewurztraminer, the spicy, intense white grape, balances intensity with freshness. the Pinot Grigio captures more minerality and concentration of fruit.

Karoline explored other careers, but her love of the winery has brought her to take on the role of winemaker. She works with her mom, Elena, and her sister to make wines expressive of her home and the Alto Adige.