Dry Ginuary

Thank you, Tristan Zoerb, for the inspiration for this tasting. I told you it was a great idea, and I have stolen it for this tasting without remorse or regret. I have, however, given full credit, so thank you again. And now, on to the gin!

"I've tried Buddhism, Scientology, Numerology, Transcendental Meditation, Qabbala, T'ai Chi, Feng Shui, and Deepak Chopra but I find straight gin works best." --Phyllis Diller

Apart from being a great pun, the basic idea here is that Gin, as a category, is deeper and more complex than juniper itself could ever have imagined. Breaking into it is as fraught with twists, turns, switchbacks, and traps that can make it a frustrating category to explore. This Wednesday, Ginuary 10th, from 4-7 pm our Feature Tasting will explore the botanical world of Gin, with examples of classic, London Dry styles, more herbal and earthy botanical styles, softer and more citrus driven styles, and even a few that are barrel-aged. There might even be a cocktail or two to give you ideas for directions in which to explore...