Cotton & Reed

In 2016, the District that had no rum of its own. Profoundly saddened by this fact, Walker Reed and Jordan Cotton, then friends and colleagues in the aerospace industry, decided that no longer would the rum always be gone! Bouyed by the burgeoning distillery scene in DC, they teamed up with the visionary barman Lukas B Smith to create a space that produces and serves some of the most inspired rums and rum cocktails the mid-Atlantic has ever seen. 

Five years later they are still at it, continuing to expand the already impressive range of flavors that rum can bring to bear with a White Rum that defies the stereotype of 'boring mixing rum' to make some of the most vibrant tropical drinks imaginable, and a Dry Spiced Rum that is unlike any you have tried before.

Join us on Saturday, August 14th at 2pm as we go IG Live with Jordan Cotton, Co-Founder of Cotton & Reed to discuss sugarcane spirits, the DC beverage scene, surviving Covid while trying to make a small business thrive, among some other things, I'm sure.