Wine in a bag in a box isn't just for White Zinfandel anymore! Despite its association with barely drinkable plonk and ferocious hangovers, the Bag-in-Box format has a lot going for it:

  • It holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine, so it's perfect for casual gatherings or your house wine.
  • Because the valve on the bag admits little to no air, the wine keeps longer
  • Because it's not made of glass, it's easier to handle and store.
  • And for the same reason, shipping costs (and carbon emissions) are reduced, making it less expensive than four separate bottles of the same wine would be.

In fact, the only real argument against boxed wine until recently (and it's a good one, we'll admit) is that the wine itself wasn't very good. But that's all changed, and while no one is currently suggesting putting high-end Burgundy or cult Napa Cab in a box, there are a whole bunch of fun, fresh, easy-drinking wines that are now available in the Bag-in-Box format.

We've always had a few of these hanging around the shop, but over the past couple of months we've found a bunch of delicious new options out there, and couldn't resist bringing them in. So on Friday, October 1 on Instagram Live at 4pm, we're celebrating BOXtoberfest and will be showcasing some of the great new boxed wine options we have available. Join us!