Beers of 2021

Because narrowing it down to 6 beers is hard.

Tis the end of the year and we have tasted through so many fun things. As fun as it would be, it is definitely far too hard to nail down a top 6 list, as was our original intention. Instead we decided to go for the beers that summed up our year of beer drinking. Here was our logic for selecting these beers.

Firstly, we took 3 of the top selling beers at our store so we could talk about why we think they made it up there and why it is special to us that they made it up there. This will be a super cool topic because there were some surprises to us. Secondly, we took 3 fairly broad categories of things we drank, were consistently impressed by, or found ourselves wanting more of throughout the year. Thinking about it this way gives us the opportunity to talk about specific beers that we drank this year that stick out while being able to gear the conversation towards something we currently have in the store.