Beer for the Fourth!

It has been an eminently strange year of struggle and tragedy, dampened and carefully defended hopes and dreams. This week, as all Americans are (hopefully) grappling with what Independence Day means—or should mean, for a vast nation of immigrants, descendants of immigrants, descendants of slaves, descendants of slave-owners; men, women, boys, girls, and everyone in between—it is hard to write a simple, triumphalist paragraph about fireworks, hot dogs, and apple pie.

The thing, though, about being ten generations deep in a social experiment centered around the constant striving towards a better system is that the hard work never stops. It is therefore essential to take a moment to recognize and cherish what has been won, honor what has been lost and sacrificed, envision our next steps towards progress, and celebrate all of it for the sake of all of us. A project like that may well require fireworks, hot dogs, and apple pie!

Whatever Independence Day means to you & yours, and however you may mark it, we hope you'll be spending this Independence Day in the company of those you love. If you are looking for something to drink during the day, well, the Beer Geeks might have a few suggestions.

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