Andrew Jones of Field Recordings

We are delighted to be hosting founder and winemaker Andrew Jones of Field Recordings at the tasting bar on Tuesday, April 30!

Andrew entered college as a football player but left it obsessed with viticulture and winemaking. His early career was spent at a vine nursery and as a field worker, where he was involved in planting vineyards all over California. Through his work he discovered some of the state’s hidden gems: great, low-profile vineyard sites. His close work with vineyard managers all over the state gave Andrew access to small quantities of high-quality fruit from some of these excellent sites. From these beginnings, Field Recordings was born.

Since his first vintage in 2007, Andrew has been prolific in pushing the boundaries of our expectations of what West Coast wine can be, and he has created several other labels that showcase his talents. However, Field Recordings remains Andrew’s flagship brand and is dedicated to highlighting single vineyard sites that produce wines with a great sense of place and personality. In his view, if you start with good fruit from the right spot, the hard work is done, and it’s simply the winemaker’s responsibility not to mess it up.

Andrew will be at the tasting bar from 4pm to 7pm, pouring a selection of his wines and answering your questions about them. Join us!