Ancient Peaks Winery with Jenalyn Johnson

Ancient Peaks Winery is based in Paso Robles and co-owned by three families with deep roots in the region. They farm the Margarita Vineyard, which is the southernmost vineyard in Paso Robles and one of the coolest sub-regions within Paso, due to the pronounced marine influence. It also happens to be the only vineyard in its eponymous, standalone AVA, Santa Margarita Ranch AVA. The cooler climate creates the conditions for a late, long growing season, allowing the grapes to fully develop aromatically, creating wines of great finesse and structure.

We are delighted to have an opportunity to showcase some of these wines at the tasting bar. This Saturday, July 29, from 3pm to 6pm, we'll be joined at the bar by Jenalyn Johnson from Ancient Peaks, who'll be pouring their wines and answering your questions about the winery and its unique terroir. Join us!