2024 Grilling Six-Pack

It seems Spring has fully sprung, and here in DC, that means summer is staring us in the face, the academic year has wound to a close, and Memorial Day is just around the corner. For us, these sunny days and long, warm evenings are an inspiration to take our meals outside. Whether we're hanging out by the grill, dining al fresco with the family, or picnicking with friends, we're just glad to get outside and see people. Naturally, we'll want some wine to bring outside with us! So, we've picked six fun and interesting bottles to pair and share.

Grilling offers challenges and opportunities for wine pairings. Grilled meats are relatively straightforward, with the richness of fat and salt playing well with the acidity and tannin of a bold red (but also the crispness of bubbles, if you're feeling adventurous!). But the smoky savory of grilled vegetables can be trickier, and then there are sides and salads, running from simple green salads, to creamy coleslaw and potato salads, to baked beans or mac and cheese. That's a lot of ground to cover, but thankfully the more casual vibe of a cookout means you can open several bottles and give everyone the opportunity to experiment!

For this year's cookout, we've got a traditional Prosecco that you can pour as an aperitif when you start prepping and keep on hand all the way through dessert, or to mix it up a little, use it to top off a classic spritz! A liter of ripe Grüner Veltliner from Austria is a go-to for those hard to pair veggies, like asparagus and celery, as well as dishes with some spice to them. For those who like their white wine with a little bit more heft, there's a textured Chardonnay from California, a classic pairing for chicken or fish. Rosé is valued for its versatility and a vin gris from Corbiérès fits that bill; this is another wine to open early, with the cheese plate, and keep nearby until the dishes are washed and the last guest has gone home. For reds, we have a light, earthy Cinsault blend from Chile in a liter bottle—bright, floral, chillable, this is a perfect picnic wine—and for those times when only a Cab will do, we have a Cabernet Sauvignon from Abruzzo, with all the rich varietal character of Cabernet, but with the freshness and acidity of Italian wines to make it exceptionally food-friendly!

The 2024 Grilling Six-Pack is available for purchase starting Wednessday, May 22. Like all our seasonal six-packs, the Grilling Six-Pack is 15% off retail pricing, and the individual wines are all 10% off.

We'll be pouring all six of the wines at the tasting bar on Friday, May 24 from 4pm to 7pm, so join us for a taste and to pick up your six-pack for the long weekend!