High Road Spirits ft. Jen Nellis

Jen Neelis of High Road Spirits will be joining us at the tasting bar on Saturday, July 8 from 3-6pm. She'll be pouring some of our favorites from her portfolio, as well as a couple of inventive and delicious cocktails to showcase what they're capable of:

  • Flor del Desierto Sotol and Tsutsumi Sweet Bermutto Sake Vermouth with some Fey Anme Bitter Liqueur for a Notgroni.

  • Ak Zanj, a Haitian Dark Rum aged in Cognac casks, blends harmoniously with the Fey Anme Haitian Bitter Liqueur and Tsutsumi Dry & Sweet Bermutto Sake Vermouths to make a Perfect Hanmattan.

  • And because we don't need everything on the bar to be complicated, it turns out Two Stacks Dram in a Can Irish Whiskey mixes real well with ginger beer for a classic Highball.

High Road Spirits is a group of producers committed to the relentless pursuit of quality and integrity. Their portfolio includes exceptional and unusual spirits from all over the world, from the hills of Ireland to the mountains of Haiti and beyond. We are really excited for the opportunity to share some of our favorites with you.

Join us Saturday from 3pm-6pm!