Filipa Pato & William Wouters

A passion for the native grapes of Bairrada, Portugal inspired Filipa Pato to start her own wine-making project in her hometown of Óis do Bairro over two decades ago. Her focus is making "authentic wines with no makeup" using only organic preparations in the vineyards and minimal intervention in the winemaking. Her wines have gained international recognition for expressive, balanced wines from a region still undiscovered by many.

Filipa spends most of her time in the vineyards. Here, she gets to know the character of Baga from each site. The Dinamico Tinto is a blend of various sites around Bairrada, fermented in tank, Wild strawberries and plum have a background of spice for a lighter weight wine that still offers a lot of complexity. Gentle pressing and a long time on the skins helps to extract flavors without the tougher tannins.

Baga is a dark, structured grape. Much like wines made from Nebbiolo, wines made from Baga benefits from time and air to soften. The Post Quercus ferments and rests for 6 months in clay vessels called amphorae. The clay exposes the juice to tiny amounts of oxygen, allowing for deeper wine with softer tannins. Her Calcario Tinto is Baga from a single vineyard. It ferments in oak lagares before aging in oak barrels. Here, a richness of texture, red fruits underlined with chalk, and balance is on display.

Bical and Arinto are indigeous white varietals. White flowers, citrus, and even a hint of nuttiness identify the grapes. The vineyards are only 15km from the ocean, and that salty, minerality that comes from ocean spray balances out the fruit. The Dinamico Branco is a stunning wine for this price. If you haven't tried any of the wines from Pato, this wine is a great place to start. 

Join us Friday, April 2 at 4pm as we chat with Filipa Pato on IG Live.