Chenin On 'Em

So Chenin Blanc is one of those sleeper varietals that has its loyal following of wine geeks, Francophiles, and people who specifically seek it out in its multitudinous permutations, appellations, and blends. Vouvray is certainly one of the prized styles that most people don't know is not a varietal, but made exclusively from Chenin Blanc.

In the turmoil of the past (long) year's trials, tribulations, and supply chain disruptions, we have had occasion to try several new styles and producers of this workhorse varietal and have come up with a few new things that we hope you will enjoy as much as we did. Beside those, we will also discuss a few wines that we've worked with for several vintages now. This Friday, August 20 join Eric and Hiram on Instagram Live as they taste, explore, and discuss the finer points of one of our longtime favorite varietals here at Wardman Wines - Chenin Blanc!