2023 Winter Six-Pack

It's winter in DC, although it might not seem like it some days. Even if it is unseasonably warm, February can be kind of dismal, but the days are getting longer, and spring will get here eventually. To help us all through the winter doldrums, we've put together a new six-pack to warm your winter nights and hint at the promise of spring.

A ripe and smoky Carmenérè from Chile and a plummy and spicy Mencia from the Dão region of Portugal are warming wines for cold nights and would pair beautifully with pot roast or mushroom ragout. A French Pinot Noir is a great all-occasion red; open a bottle when making dinner and finish it after the washing up is done. An aromatic orange blend from New Zealand is floral, fruity, and dry and is a great companion to a cheeseboard or creamy soup. For whites, a bright and mineral Muscadet is a crisp palate-cleanser and a perfect wine to pair with fish and shellfish, while a pretty and floral Verdejo blend from Spain is just the thing to take your mind off a dismal February day.

The 2023 Winter Six-Pack is available for purchase starting February 2, 2022. Like all our seasonal six-packs, the Winter Six-Pack is 15% off retail pricing, and the individual wines are all 10% off

We'll be pouring all six of the wines at the tasting bar on Friday, February 3 from 4pm to 7pm, so join us for a taste and to pick up your six-pack!