2022 Spring Six-Pack

Spring is here! Officially! We're past the Equinox, Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and a couple of weeks ago the Capital Weather Gang declared Winter over, so that's good enough for us. And of course, that means it's time for a new six-pack. With the warmer weather and the extended evening daylight, all we want to do is sit out on the porch (balcony, deck, stoop, what have you) with a glass of nice wine and soak it all in. And that's what informed our selections for this pack. These are lighter wines for social sipping or for pairing with springtime dishes.

A vintage Cava-in-all-but-name from Penedés delights with its freshness and complexity and practically begs to be paired with a cheese plate. An organic blend of Chardonnay and Mauzac from one of our favorite Languedoc producers has some breadth and richness for those evenings that still have a little chill in the air. Rosé of Cabernet Franc from South Africa, one of the first rosés of the season, has a savory character that makes it an excellent spring dinner wine. A Bardolino from Northern Italy and a surprisingly light and lively Cabernet Sauvignon from Moldova are great aperitifs for red-wine drinkers and perfect companions for Easter dinner. Finally, a Cabernet Franc with some bottle age brings richness and depth that rewards contemplation or provides justification for dusting off the grill a couple of weeks early.

The Spring Six-Pack goes on sale on Wednesday, March 23, and we'll be featuring the wines on Instagram Live on Friday, March 25 at 4pm.