2022 Harvest Six-Pack

Whether you believe that Christmas starts at the stroke of midnight on Halloween or not until the Friday after Thanksgiving, I think we can all agree that we have entered the festive season. It's the time of year to celebrate and give thanks for the good things the past year has brought us, even if, sometimes, those good things are the slimmest of silver linings. However you celebrate, it's a time to gather for good food with good friends, and you'll need some wine to go with that. We've put together a new six-pack to help out. Our focus has been on festive, versatile, crowd-pleasing wines, and we think you'll really enjoy them.

We're doing it a little different this year! Our seasonal sparkler is a Spanish Cider! Made like a Prosecco, it's fresh and light, with an intriguing earthiness. Food-friendly and versatile, it should pair well with the diversity of the Thanksgiving table. For the whites, a Chablis-inspired Chardonnay from Sonoma is an elegant aperitif, while New Zealand Riesling pairs aromatic intensity with mouthwatering crispness. If white wine isn't your thing, a bright and savory Bardolino Chiaretto proves that rosé is a year-round wine. And we round out the pack with a ripe and juicy Oregon Pinot Noir and a dense and rich Argentine Malbec.

We're excited share this line-up with you, so join us at the tasting bar on Friday, November 4 starting at 4:00 pm to try the wines and learn more about what makes them special!

Like all our seasonal six-packs, the Harvest Six-Pack is 15% off retail pricing, and the individual wines are all 10% off.